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Skype crashes internet

Casual Tourist
Since i installed the new Skype update my internet been jumping on and off. So i took it away and installed the old one I had and then it worked fine, but a few hours later the problem seems to be coming again. Whats the problem? Is Skype doing something with my internet?
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Casual Adventurer

Please specify whether you are using wired or wireless access on that particular system. If it is wireless I would assume that it is not related to Skype and would advise you to Unplug your router's power along with you cable/DSL box's power as well.  Wait for 15 seconds and plug them back in in this order: First Cable/DSL Modem. Wait for a solid connection light. Then the wireless router.


If this doesn't solve your issue it may be indicative of Malware running in the background and choking or messing with your network traffic.  Try running MalwareByte's Anti-Malware in safe mode by pressing F8 on your keyboard as your system is booting up.  Select Just plain ol' safe mode out of the 3 safe mode options you have available.  Then login and run MalwareByte's Anti-Malware from there.  Be sure to perform a Full system scan.


Hope this helps!

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Casual Adventurer

Hi, I have notified skype of this problem. It is apparent that there may be a problem. Can you do a system restoreand go back to the old skype and use that. Apparently there is a beta version that works but as I have no info!!!

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