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Skype connect without being a business?

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How I do to get Skype Connect without being a business?


Since Skype say I need to enter "my exact business name", I guess they will verify it somehow? Or should I just enter NOT_A_BUSINESS in the field?


I want to connect my home SIP PBX with skype so I can make skype calls and receive skype calls via SIP. I only need to be able to call skype accounts and receive calls fron skype accounts, since I already have a SIP account with a operator with a accompaniying DID that I use to place/receive non-skype calls.

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Short answer you can't.

But as i stressed in a post i deleted currently i to have had to setup a skype manager account but obviously can not proceed to be verified as a business not being one.

Hence why i requested an experimental class or something not requiring a registered business.

What a lot of these corporates don't realise is the legacy units no longer supported will of course windup as domestic surplus.

Because we don't have megabucks to our name it barely raises an eyebrow.

Especially to the equipment suppliers.

Recently i was told by distributers that no sorry we don't support skype connect.

Pity they didn't think the response through because had they visited the skype connect website and clicked on the company in questions banner.

Oh dear someones telling lies.

Most of these firms are of the opinion that unless your a technician or have a business to warrant such technology that ye humble mortal is not privy to such information.

To those experimenting out there don't be discouraged.

Ignore the ney sayers because they keep proving themselve's wrong half the time.

As usual it's more red tape and bs beaurocracy impeding technology.
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Solved it:


The only "caveeat" is that its a violation of skype TOS to use it along with paid calls, eg with skype-to-go credits and/or subscription. But as long as its only used with Skype free calls, theres no problem.

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