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Skype button generator

Novel Adventurer

Hi all,


I wish to create a Skype button for my website. However the relevant webpage is unresponsive Is there a replacement page or can i do it somewhere else?


With kind regards.



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Super Adventurer

It seems that that page is indeed has moved or being repaired/updated.  So far, this is the closest one i found.  Will just update this thread if I find the new url or for updates -



Novel Adventurer

Thank you for your reply.


That is indeed the closest page available. That was also the only one that i could find.


It will be nice if you want to post it if you have any further news regarding to this. I will also keep in eye on this and once i know more, i will post it here.



Novel Adventurer

Hi Robin,

I have the same problem, anybody has resolved yet...

Novel Adventurer

The link to Skype button is still not working and I would like to add one to a blog (blogger).

I´ve seen the uri page but as a novice it makes little sense.

Does anyoe have a solution in the form of a copy and paste text, that would allow people to call or video, that I could put into my blog.

If you have switch the username for ****** then I will know where to add my name.

Novel Adventurer

<a href="skype:XXXXXXXXXXXXXX?chat" style="font-family: Times; font-size: large; "><img src="" style="border: none;" width="164" height="52" alt="Chat with me">


Novel Adventurer

Where You see XXXXXXXXX  put your skype user ID.


Also I belive where is the word "chat" you can switch to call if you would preffer someone to call you insted of chat with you. 


i hope this help.

Novel Adventurer

Thanks argar I will give it a try. Seeing it all written down makes more sense of the uri page.

Novel Tourist

thanks alot ... it worked with me, but, through editing the HTML signature file stored in:


Novel Adventurer



Please, how can i find this url:

i'd like to add skype button with statut to my google site.



Thanks a lot.

Best regards.

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