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Skype Wifi Billing.... Misleading?

Casual Adventurer


So, i'm at an airport and I just decided to use Skype Wifi instead of the default airport billing.  Seemed that $0.09 per minute worked out to a better rate than the airport.   Skype says you are "only billed for the minutes you use".   However the second i signed in I was charged about $3.   Then i accidentally logged out after about 5 mintues, logged back in and was charged ANOTHER $3.... there is no per-minute anything going on here.   It seems Skype has a seriously misleading information going on here.


It seems to actually bill in chunks....

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Novel Adventurer

I had the same experience today in Paris-CDG. Only used Skype-wifi 3 minutes and the charge was about 4 €. It looks like the minimum charge is 30 minutes, disregarding the logout done after 3 minutes.

It doesn't work as described in the instructions.

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Here is how it works: when you connect to Skype WiFi, it reserves Skype Credit for a 30 minute session. Once you Disconnect, it charges only for minutes used and the remainder is returned to your Skype Credit balance.


Please note that you must Diconnect in the app first (not log out or kill the app), otherwise it might still charge you for a full 30 min session.


You may also contact Customer Service and ask to investigate, if you are sure you did press Disconnect.

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Novel Adventurer

I appreciate your explanation. Now I understand.

Actually by chance I did disconnect properly, but the remaining credit still appeared diminished by the full 30 min charge. I then felt not to have sufficient credit for a new log in.

This was surprising and very misleading. The actual credit did not appear back immediately.


Reading the user instructions it seams not so evident what you kindly explained here, concerning disconnection

When we use Skype-out from home we see a progressive reduction of our credit. It would be nice to have the same procedure in airport-wifi.

Thank you for your explanation and support



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