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Skype WiFi on a Laptop - Problems

Casual Tourist

Hi. I am trying to use "Skype WiFi" in the UK prior to using it for real whilst travelling, but so far I cannot get it to work.  I have the latest version of Skype, I have Skype WiFi enbaled under the Tools menu and I have tried to use numerious supposedly compatable WiFi Hotspots (mainly BTOpenzone), but so far without luck.


What happens is:

1) I open Skype and try and sign in - this is before I have connected to the hotspot (as per the instructions on the Skype website.  This feels odd as without an internet connection I am unsure how it will authenticate.

2) I then connect to the hotspot and then wait.  i do not attempt to open a browser to get to a logon screen as I believe that Skype WiFi should do this and deal with the payment and authentication.

3) After a while of Skype attempting to connect I get an "Unable to connect" message in Skype.


Can anyone help point out what i am doing wrong?


Many Thanks.



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I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Prrsonally I'd sign into the hotspot and get the wifi connection first. But some providers dont allow more than web surfing as the bandwith for video calling is much greater. I found this out in the US when travelling. 




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In order to use Skype WiFi:

1. In computer WiFi settings connect to a hotspot
2. Open Skype
3. You will be prompted that Skype WiFi is available here
4. At this point, log into Skype
5. You will see per-minute price and option to Connect to the internet via Skype WiFi
6. If you connect, your computer will now have internet access
7. Do not forget to disconnect from Skype WiFi once you are done
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Novel Tourist

i cant figure out how to do the wifi for skpe amd i need help figuring it out. someome please help me


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