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Skype Toolbar in Google Chrome

Novel Adventurer

Skype Toolbar [what's that?] keeps crashing when I have a number of tabs open in Google Chrome. Each open tab will get this message and my whole system - everything - slows to a crawl unless I go to each tab to close the message.  Sometimes I have to close Google Chrome and restart it, losing all my open tabs.   What is Skype Toolbar?  How do I stop it from crashing all over the place?  Any permanent fixes?


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Novel Adventurer
Noted another query on same issue by emmettashe. Respondee asking for more details: Message received is in a pale brownish-yellow band approx 15mm high, near the top of the window directly below the google chrome bookmark bar which runs across the window. Warning also runs right across the window. Warning is repeated for every open tab.

Message is 'Warning: Skype Toolbar has crashed. There is only the option to close the warning itself with the usual x at the far right. No options are given for a fix or to temporarily close or disable Skype Toolbar.

I'm using Windows XP SP3 on an old Dell Inspiron 9000series (9800?)
My Skype is

Any help appreciated
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