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Skype Toolbar causes Google Chrome to crash

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Can you tell us what version of Click to Call, version of Chrome and OS you have?  we'd like to reproduce and help fix this problem if indeed it is a problem. 


Also have you tried upgading to the latest version of C2C  if not we highly encourage you to since our latest version works on the latest IE, FF and Chrome browser versions.


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I was holding an important shareholders meeting with top executives from Japan. Just as I was about to deliver the Coup de grâce, you see I always go for the jugler in these meetings. I completely wore EGG on my face and was laughted out of the meeting, AND OUT OF A JOB! The Japanese executives said that their technology is far advanced than ours, and briskly left the building. Now i'm unemployed, homeless, divorced, and eating chicken dinners at the mission. All thanks to one lazy developer who was too pre-occupied looking at the camel toe in front of him.

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if you open up chrome and look at the top right of the window you will see the skype symbol. Right click on it and hit "uninstall". after that you should be good.
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I'm using Skype 5.3, Google Chrome, win7 home. 

I don't see a toolbar, and skype does not show up in Chrome>Options>underthehood>Plugins. 

How do I work without a toolbar, or get it installed?

Vern Taylor

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I had this happen after I installed "One Click Call" but was able to fix it as stated below - many thanks

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I have the same problem.....and it crashed when I was in live chat with the support no answer there!
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can you fix the problem

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have chrome 17.0.963.79 beta-m. It is constantly crashing. When it works it is a pleasure, but now it crashes more often than not and is a wonderful time waster. I've been with you from the start and would appreciate a fix or just to not have the "help". You are a godsend from the many places where you are the only communication to my less technical friends. Thanks
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I've simply clicked the wrench while in Chrome, Clicked on Settings, then clicked on 'extension' and I took the checkmark out of the box next to Skype Click To Call. It stopped those crashes and I still have my Skype program on my computer. :-) Hope this helps. 


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