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Skype To Go #'s Vs. Online Number

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I will be traveling abroad for work and need to have a number where I can be reached from multiple countries as well as call back, mostly to the US, but to other countries as well.


Could you please explain the difference between the Skype to Go and a Online Number with a subscription.  I would have the Skype app downloaded to my iPhone 4, presumably running skype in the background for the Online Number to work as a mobile number.  Is there a better way to go about this? Another service perhaps


Any suggestions for service options would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you



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Experienced Adventurer

Which country are you travelling to?

Novel Adventurer

I will be going to multiple countries......starting out in Australia, then South Africa, Phillipines, Brazil, etc.


I know that service is only offered in certain countries, but for the sake of my question, lets say that it will be available in all of the countries I am going to be operating out of.



Experienced Adventurer

To clarify:


Online Numbers - you buy Online Numbers for the cities / countries where you want people there to reach you at local call rates. E.g. you used to live in London and now live in Sydney, then you get an Online Number for London so all your friends back in London can call this number and it will ring on your Skype in Sydney (or wherever you happen to be in the world).


Skype To Go - you set up STG numbers in places where you live to call to other countries from your mobile or landline. If you live in London, you get a STG number for London, which you need to call from a UK mobile or landline, and then you dial out to any country. If you move around frequently then STG is NOT the best solution, because you have to set up STG numbers in each of the places you move to AND you have to call from a phone registered in that country, e.g. if you travel to Greece, you could set up a Greek STG number, but you would also have to call from a Greek mobile or landline to avoid any roaming charges. It's better just to use Skype on your laptop or the Skype app for iPhone/Android and use a WiFi connection to dial out to other countries at Skype's low rates.


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