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Skype To Go Number Question? Please read the whole post

Novel Adventurer

Hello.  I have a friend who created a Skype account and he has a question about one of the services Skype offers.  When he logged into the account today, he saw that a Skype To Go number was added to his account and his cell phone number was added as a forwarding number.  However, he does not remember adding this service to his account.  Is my friend going to be charged any subscription fees for this Skype To Go number?


My friend told me to log into my Skype account, to see if the service is added on mine, and it is not.


My other question is Is there a way to delete a Skype To Go number?  Also, is this service free or do you have to pay for it?

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Super Adventurer

there are no charges for Skype To Go numbers


Skype To Go numbers are intended to be called using mobile phones that are not capable of supporting a Skype client (they can also be called from qualified landlines for the same reasons, but this is much less common)


Skype To Go gives you access to Skype CALLING services using devices that can't support Skype


your Skype To Go number is not for receiving calls


and there really isn't any valid reason, that I can think of, to delete a Skype To Go number (you are the only one that can use it, so just forget about it)


Novel Adventurer

Hello Neil and thank you for the information.  That helps a lot.  I will pass this information along to my friend.

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