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Skype To Go : How to register "calling from" phone in a different country

Novel Adventurer

My account is based in the USA. I registered my USA mobile phone as the phone that I'm calling from for Skype To Go.


I am currently in Australia with an Australian mobile phone. I want to register the Australian mobile phone as a phone that I'm calling from for Skype To Go. However, when I go to the "Manage Your Registered Phones" page at , I am unable to register a phone number outside of the USA. When I try to register a new phone, "United States" is already preselected and cannot be changed. I am unable to delete or change the previously registered phone number to an Australian number.


How can I register my Australian mobile phone as the phone that I'm dialing from for Skype To Go?


thanks for any help you can offer

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Novel Adventurer

Never mind--I figured it out. What I had to do was change the "nearest location" from the USA to Australia. This deleted my previously registered "calling from" number and allowed me to register a new one in Australia. Thanks!

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