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Skype Manager's Admin cannot take back Credit from its account

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I just know that Skype has an internal language and actually define customers into 2 types, consumer and business. not all members inside a Skype Manager account are defined as business account. Just members created inside a Skype manager account are belonged to business account. Skype's reason to setup these 2 type is to prevent allocating credit between these 2 types of account. In term of safety, I generally agree.


But the interesting point is: Skype Manager's Admin usually cannot take back Credit from its account to the main pool and re-allocate to other members. Admin can only re-allocate credits among other created business members.

The cause is: People are usually exisiting Skype users (classified as consumer type) before they further enable Skype manager service. And after they setup Skype manager and become its Admin, it is ever still consumer account and cannot take back its credit to the main pool and then re-allocate to other members or staffs. Allowing this actually doesn't affect any safety issue, since they are Admin! This is a design bug of Skype manager system.


Skype has written this rule in its FAQ section:

>> To take back all the Skype Credit currently allocated to one or more members with business accounts. 

Who knows what its self definition of "business accounts"? Skype should make remark on the direct interface!


Anyway, it is my 1st time.  I waste 1.5 hour in connecting Skype and request solving this issue, no matter permanently or manually. But Skype is so rigid and even don't agree to solve my this problem manually. As a business customer, I feel extremely frustrated on Skype and Microsoft's services, and hesitate to use their product and service in the future. I need to re-consider if I should change to some open SIP platform.



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Too sad that it is also helpless here.

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I've escalated your comments within Skype.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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Skype business accounts are tied to one Skype Manager group which is why they are the only account type that allows for Skype credit to be taken back to the Skype Manager pool.

"Normal" Skype accounts can move between Skype Manager groups and move between member and Admin status anytime and there are quite many fraud scenario options around that that don't allow for us to enable the credit transfer feature for these user types.

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This last reply makes no sense whatsoever.

I am admin of skype manager and have my own personal account under skype manager.

The only reason it is personal account is because I set it up before understanding skype manager, and once set up it cannot be changed.

To not allow me to take back credit from MY personal account back into MY skype manager, when the credit was assigned from skype manager, is like my bank allowing me to transfer from business account to savings account, but not allowing me to transfer back again!!!

This is a design flaw; you can sugar coat it with bull**bleep** all you want.

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There are two types of Skype accounts - personal and business. Personal accounts belong to the individual using that account, whereas business accounts are created in Skype Manager™ and belong to the Skype Manager that created them.


You may check out this link to check the difference between personal and business accounts in Skype Manager.


The following table describes the limitations of adding members with personal accounts.


Administrator can... Personal accounts Business accounts

Add member to Skype Manager
Change member’s email and password
Permanently delete member
Take back Skype Credit
Assign member call forwarding
Set up Caller ID
Assign member a Skype Number
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Skype is S*** totally agree with the above post, accidentally allocated some money to a member from the skype manager. Just to purchase a skypein number, which i thought member credit can be used. By the way I own both the business manger and this specific member account. I can't get a refund of the allocation. What happen instead of €50 I type 500???? unbelievable. From now on use less make sure I switch off auto recharge all of the above
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Same issue, allocated some mony to my own skype account from skype manager and now i can't get money back. Is it legal for skype to refuse a refund? I own the both accounts and I can sign off any document or proof whatever they want. I think I'll look into writing to the Telecom regulator.

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