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Skype Manager or Premium - Not Sure

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I just purchased the Skype Premium and I did not receive a phone number.  Was I supposed to?


I have an assistant in the Philippines to make phone calls for me to the US. Should I use the Skype Manager for business instead of the Skype Premium?


Thank You!

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Hello jn_48.


Get an Online Number. Save up to 50% on your Online Number with a subscription.


1. Purchase confirmation. Once you've bought a subscription you'll receive a confirmation email and a notification in the Home area of your Skype


2. Dial a number. Click the Call phones button to open the Skype dial pad and enter the number you want to call or choose a number from your contact list.


3. Enjoy your call. Your calling minutes will decrease as you use them (except unlimited plans 2). If you use all your minutes, or you want to call a destination not covered by your subscription, you'll need to buy either another subscription or use Skype Credit to make pay-per-minute calls.

Here are the links to the two pages that speak about Online Numbers and Subscriptions


Hope this helps. If you have anyother questions, just post them up here and I'll try to find the answers for you.




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In that case, how can my assistant based in the Philippines be able to use this "online" number to make calls to the US?  Please advise.  I have an assistant and I have him also in Skype under my account.  Thanks

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online numbers are not used to call out. They are used so that people who call them will be answered by you on Skype. In other words anyone who calls your US online number will get your assistant in the Phillipines ( assuming he or she is on Skype at the time. If not you can have the calls forwarded locally)


However, If you are going to use Skype in your business then I strongly suggest you do it properly via the Skype Manager. If not then you are exposed because the online numbers purchase outside of Skype Manager belong to the individual ie your assistant. So whoever has the log in password owns the number.


When you use Skype Manager your company owns the numbers and you have admin controls over them.


If you are looking to call people in the USA then the best way is to buy your subscriptions from within Skype Manager ( Skype Manager is free by the way) and allocate them to your assistant.


If you need further help and support Tetra4 specialises in servicing Skype for Business customers all over the world.


You can contact us directly on Skype ID: tetra4comms


or search for Tetra4 Skype on google


Tetra4 - Putting Skype to work.

Tetra4 - Putting Skype to Work.
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