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Skype Integration with Cisco VCS Expressway

Novel Tourist

Hi All,


I am new here and would like to ask a question.

I've seen a lot of thread regarding integration with Cisco Call Manager however I did not come across to any topic that discussed about integration with Cisco VCS Expressway.

If we have it, can you help me to give the link?


My question is, is that possible to integrate skype with Cisco VCS Expressway for a video call?

If this can be done, can someone share with me what is the step that need to be taken to get this done?





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Casual Tourist

No is not Possible

Because skype dont support the common codecs h264, skype use his own codecs.

Skype for Bussines use h264 codecs, thats possible to conect to a Cisco Call Manager


with regards

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