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Skype Home not working

Routine Adventurer

Hi...I have a laptop and I have had problems with skype home in the past, but not it will not work at all. It keep spinning. 


I am using windows 7 professional. Last nite I used piriform defraggler instead of the one built into my computer and now skype home won't work. I don't know if that is the problem or not.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Faith

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What is the version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer?


In Internet Explorer go to Help -> About Internet Explorer.


P.S. Please, don’t say that you are not using Internet Explorer. This is irrelevant. Skype depends on Internet Explorer.

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Routine Adventurer

I am using IE 10

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Try first this:


Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> General. In the section “Browsing history” press the “Settings” button and in the next window the “View files” button. Delete all files from the Temporary Internet Files folder.

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Routine Adventurer

Hi ruwim,


I deleted the temporary internet files. Skype home is still spinning.



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Try to reset all Skype settings.


Quit Skype or use Windows Task Manager to kill any Skype.exe process. Go to Windows Start and in the Search/Run box type %appdata% and then press Enter or click the OK button. The Windows File Explorer will pop up. There locate a folder named “Skype”. Rename this folder to something different, e.g. Skype_old. Restart Skype.


N.B. If needed, you will still be able to re-establish your call and chat history. All data is still saved in the Skype_old folder.

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Routine Adventurer

Okay I got skype home back, but lost all my facebook contacts. Only got 290 back when I have over 3,000. Nobody picture is showing above and I can't upload my picture from skype. I can't miniumize skype.


It's a mess.



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Okay I apologize for my last comments. My picture was still there and most of my facebook friends were all there except for the new ones I added.

I did figure out how to minimumize the screen. It was filling my whole laptop screen.


The only problem now is the empty faces above the skype home. Will those fill up as I chat with people?



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Yes, they will. However, you can also try to restore all your chat and contact data by moving the main.db file back to the new %appdata%\Skype folder.


This, however, implies that the problems with your Home page were not caused by corrupted main.db database file.

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Routine Adventurer

Okay thanks for all your help! Right now I don't need my old chats or anything else, but in case I do I will 

keep this information.


Have a great day!



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