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Skype Group Video calls on Panasonic Vierra

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Have just purchased a Premium account to run group calls on my Panasonic Vierra TV. This appears not possible at this time. Has anybody else had this issue or has a solution?


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Unfortunately, Group Video Calling is not yet available on Skype on your TV.

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Is this likely to change?? Its a pretty key element to Skype and makes the use of Skype on the Panasonic TVs pretty worthless otherwise!

What a hassle to have to link up my PC via HDMI to use the Skype service over a TV with Skype 'semi functionality' already built in...its not enough that the Panasonic camera is overpriced ??

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OK! I am totally with you.  Bought the Panasonic Vierra TV which boasted supporting Skype.  Then the Skype App would not woek until I had the video cam.  Bought the Panasonic Video Cam to get everything working only to find out that the Panasonic Skype App did not support group video calling.  Bummer!  Why couldn't they just tell us that before we wasted all that money.  I am very dissapointed with Panasonic and Skype.

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We purchased two Panasonic Smart TVs to replace our aging projectors with the idea we would also be able to make Skype conference calls. What a disappointment to discover we could only call one other location. Is there an expected upgrade data for the Skype TV app? I see people with Samsung TVs are also asking for the upgrade. In the meantime, I'm looking into Google Hangout as an option.

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We have 3 panasonic TVs with cameras, Very disappointing to see that group calling is not supported.

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I too am very disappointed that group calling is not supported on my new Panasonic tv. Is there any update from Panasonic about when this will be available? I notice that no one from Skype has posted a response to the last query.

Also will the sms feature ever be supported on Panasonic tv's as this can make a call doable when/if the sound drops out?

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Please notice, there's another discussion regarding this, subject "Panasonic TX-L42E6B Group Video"

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