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Skype Click to call interferes with ClipBoard

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I have found the strange behavior that as soon as Click to call has recognized a phone number (be it in IE or FF) on a webpage, it disables functionality of the clipboard: when trying to copy/paste within an MS Office program, only the text is copied and all the formatting info or the original formula in Excel is not copied anymore.


For that reason I had to disable and remove Skype CtC (I have version Problem is solved now, but nice feature of Skype is gone.

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I ran into this problem with one of our users today. It took a long time to figure out that it was the Skype extension for Google Chrome that was causing this bad behavior.

I have had many problems in the past with not only Skype's implementation but many other click-to-call type plugins. In my opinion, I would not trust any of them to save any time over copy/paste, and I never recommend their installation to anyone.
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I can vouch for this problem, disabled all plugins in IE, firefox and chrome and worked through them 1 by one. I uninstalled the click to call plugin once I identified the issue.
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This is a nightmare ... I work in excel, word etc and require the paste special option. Spent hours looking on the web for copy and paste only copying plain text searches, removing templates and found nothing. Then only found it as navigated through recently installe programs.

Uninstall click to call and job done!
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I also had clipboard problems, only unformatted text was copied into the clipboard from all applications running on WIN 7 64bit. After wasting hours, I finally saw a post hinting to Skype click to call causing this. Uninstalling Skype click to call and rebooting, the problem is now fixed. 

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Me too! I thought it was a Google Chrome problem. I even rebuilt my laptop over it and spent a whole day on the phone with Geeksquad! I just uninstalled Click-to-call and now the problem is gone. 

This is a really big deal, people use copy/paste all the time and expect the formatting to work. I'm telling everybody to uninstall click-to-call and/or don't install it in the first place. I hope somebody gets serious and fixes it. And, Skype will have to acknowledge the problem and tell me it is fixed before I will give click-to-call another shot.

Not trying to be a jerk - that is just the truth of it.

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I can report exactly the same problem as everybody else in this thread. I had a nightmare 2 weeks trying to isolate this problem before turning my attention to internet browser plug-ins, before finally isolating the exact cause (Skype Click to Call). The plug in virtually disables the clipboard when used in Chrome, Firefox and even Internet Explorer.


I have now totally removed the application from my PC, which is a real shame because it is a very cool application, but I need a fully functional clipboard more.

Also had the problem. No Chrome installed. Using latest version of Skype 5.8.x (not sure), but it didn't have any new updates as of today (4/9/12). User was on Win 7 64-bit. Turning off Click to Call via Skype > Options > Advanced, did the trick.

Add me to the list of people who have been hit by this one.  Took forever to get to the core of this one.  Skype needs to address this asap.  If you do a lot in Excel it's a major impact.

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Add me to this list.


For the last few weeks I've been puzzling over why everything I copied had its format removed. 


I eventually decided I'd try to find the source - I narrowed it down first to chrome, then to the skype extension but it took a long time. 


I'm suprised that the click to call extension has been coded in such a way that it changes the behaviour of the clipboard globally - it really seems like a hacky, unfinished workaround solution... 



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