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Skype App On LG TV

Novel Adventurer

What is the signal strength indicator I see in the upper right corner while connected in a one on one call?  Also when I am called by a user that is hosting a conference I am not given a video option and can only hear the conference yet they can see each other.

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Former Staff

The signal strength indicator gives you information about the quality of the call based upon your internet connection.
Unfortunately, Group Video calling is not yet available on TV's.

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Novel Tourist

Does anyone know when the Skpe TV app will be ready for the new 2012 LG TV models. A couple of months ago LG told me it would be end of July but I am still waiting (and for the release of the AN-VC400 camera also)? 

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LG are currently rolling out the Skype App worldwide, in a phased rollout. I am trying to get detailed information from LG to post here when I have it. THe camera which is compatible with the 2012 TV is the ANVC-400 and this should be available in markets where the app has been made available. 

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