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Sending sms from a web page

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I made some search on the web and i found some related post but they seems to dont exist anymore, so, i made some in that search engine in this forum and it's returning no results.


I dont understand why because it's supposed to be something asked a lot here... anyway.


I want to know if it's possible to have web users sending sms from a website with skype service.


If yes, can you point me in the right direction please?



Thanks in advance!

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This is apparently a direction skype is going in, now that google own it you can be sure it's going to improve.


There are a bunch of developers in the forum, it is something I am working on too, feel free to pm me about it.

Using Skype4COM from a web browser to send Skype SMS messages, is no longer supported.

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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Hey uberOverlord man I sent you a message. hit me up on skype my user is bodyboardingwa check your messages otherwise.

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