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Samsung smart tv HELP PLEASE skype not in app store


I have this problem with my smart tv ever since my little brother deleted skype off my tv. I am unable to find it in the app store. I tried to manually find it and I tried to search it. When i search for skype it does show it is in the Life style section of the smrt tv app store but when i click on it, to bring me to download skype it doesn't do it just goes straight to whats new. I don't know what else to do, if any one can help it would be much apprecited.


Ps yes i updated my tv to the newest version.  

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If you have tried searching for it manually, and it doesn't download, then I think you are probably best contacting your local Samsung service centre for help and advice. I'm sure they will be able to help you

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Try resetting your Tv by holding the EXIT button for 20 sec. All your settings will be lost, so wright them down before reset.

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Did you ever fix your issue? I have the same problem and called Samsug Tech support, they were useless! Didnt have a clue how to fix it.

Very frustrated as i have payed out for the camera too

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That didn't work for me.
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Would be nice is skype made it an option to download it manually. 

Ive only had this Tv for 2 weeks

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I have had the same problem, although my Skype uninstalled itself with an update.  Samsung says "sometimes this happens" and that "this glitch was not on their list" but they had no solution and said there is no way to reverse an uninstall.  They re-directed me to contact doesn't seem that there is anyway to contact them! I'm PISSED because this was one reason we bought this TV and now we can't use the VERY expensive webcam we bought for this, or skype, as there is no way I have even found to run it off the browser even.  ANYONE WITH A SOLUTION PLEASE HELP!!!

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Samsung Tech help is shockingly bad! 

This needs to resolved otherwise this tv is going back!

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Samsung has done the right thing and has added it back to the App store. Its found under the Lifstyle section. 


All installed and im happy again!

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I have just bought a Samsung Smart TV and I run into the same issue with skype app. it is not in the Samsung App store. Any way to ping Samsung to add the app back?




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