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Samsung smart tv HELP PLEASE skype not in app store

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Not every Samsung Smart Tv is able to use Skype. Only LED D6500 and higer and plasma D8000.

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I'm having the same problem like most on this forum.  The Skype apps was deleted when I installed the home theater system and I cannot find it anywhere.  Spent 4 hours with samsung tech support but not luck.  I checked milions of times under lifestyle but not luck.

How did you solve your problem? Samsung reload it in lifestyle for you?

I have reset my TV and did all the possible upgrade, please share any info.

Appraciate any help from anybody.




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Did you ever get this problem sorted ? I have the 46 LED Smartv which I was told was Skype compatible. No sign of the SKYPE App
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I have the same problem with not being able to find the Skype App anywhere for our 55" LED Samsung.  I finally found the following site that shows you how to manually add it.  It mentions it is for the Samsung Plasma TV's, but works like a charm for my LED:


You need to know how to create your own HTTP web server or know of one that you can post this to in order for it to work.


Good luck!

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I have the samsung camera. I can log into my skype account, but I cannot get any further. I do not get the menu coming up to allow me to set contacts. Don't know where to look for it.

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I have a UA-55ES8000R Samsung Smart TV. I see skype in the store, but when I click "Download", the download button is gray for a short time, then change back to blue an it does not download. I can download just everything, except skype... thats weird!
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Hi, I tried installing Skype manualy, but I think the skype app that you provided in the link in not really the skype app, but just the icons!!!


I get the skype icon, but it will not load!!!!!


I live in China, and bought the samsub es8000 3D smart TV because I wanted skype on my tv. but samsung app store is very limited, and has only chinese apps and NO SKYPE ;-(

If I could have the full skype app, or some one could give it to me, than I can install it manually.

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Any one know how to create groups on the samsung smart tv app?  


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HI - I live in China as well and bought a smart TV. Any ideas how we can actually get Skype on the TV?

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If you find the answer to this prob pls let me know. 

i live in china and just bought a 55' samsung smart TV with webcam integrated to discover that there is no skype... vey disappointing!




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