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SMS to Kazakhstan Never Works

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Something happened to Skype about 2 years ago. Since then it has been impossible to send sms to Kazakhstan mobiles.  Skype now insists that the numbers are Russian ones because of the common country code (+7).  I have had response from Skype technical support in the past but they didn't find a real solution.   Has anyone found a way round this problem? 

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I have been texting my wife in Almaty for years... Just today I have had a problem. none of my text messages are going threw... It is a Beeline Number not K-Cell.

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I was able to text all the time few weeks ago and now it just stopped working, I cant text there no more and Its been driving me nuts.

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Was anyone abke to sort this out?


I am working for a telecomunication company and we are looking to establish a contact with a skype representative or other to add Kazakstan Country code for landlines to the Skype list.


Have you noticed it being absent?


Any help or information would be greatly apriciated.



Ms. Lux


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No, it is still not working.  In fact I have just tested it again by trying to send myself a text message; I am in Kaz at present.  However, I can phone Kaz phones, both land-line and mobile.  It is only the sms that doesn't work.

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