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SMS showing 75973 as sending number

Casual Tourist

I have been successfully sending SMS messages from skype for many years and my mobile number has been shown correctly as the sending number.  Suddenly it is now showing 75973.  Obviously when people reply to my SMS I don't receive it.  I have checked my settings and all appears OK. Can anybody help?

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I Found this thread ( 2011-11-18 ) when I searched for:


sms 75973


More searching lead me to:


Which says if you are sending SMS to a phone number that is specific to China, Taiwan, USA, and Russia (although it seems they might follow different rules), then you will *not* get the cell phone number that you tied to your account.

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Novel Tourist
Hi ! and how can you receive text from somebody? i mean if somebody who is not connected and just wants to text you to your skype number from his wireless number that has nothing to do with skype? is it possible? thanks for helping. Cause i can call myself on my skype number but when i text to my skype number it doesn't go trough...
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Casual Adventurer
After many years of being a happy Skype premium customer and also paying for a Skype number I too now find myself with the same predicament. It seems that once Microsoft took over Skype all went to seed and the only thing Microsoft seem bent on is making Skype just as poor a product as Messenger ever was. All my customers now get some random number as the reply to in SMS from me. Time to find another VoIP app me thinks! Thanks for nothing Microsoft! You have done nothing to improve this application and a lot to ruin it but will you listen to your customers? If past is anything to go by, I doubt it.
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