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SMS not delivered to Thailand....but Skype still charges you for the SMS.

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Anyone had the same expirence lately? I can't send SMS to Thai phonenumbers lately, i tried several different numbers, with no luck - if i test with a Danish phone the text get through, no problem.

I've tried with several numbers including my own Thainumber, currently roming in Denmark - no luck eighter.

Anyone with same expirence or a solution, update from Skype...anything?

I've tried with Skype for Windows, OS X, iOS 5 and Android....nothing get's through. But calling works fine.

/A Dane living in Thailand.

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I am having a similar issue.  I am in peru, but live in the USA.   I have had no problems till tuesday when it started rejecting and failing any messages sent to my GF's cell phone in peru. 


I can hotwever call her with no issues,  and i can message friends in the USA with no issues.  They need to fix this,  it is the only reason i use skype really.  I am about to buy her a iphone and just use imessage and facetime and be done with skype

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I have same problem!

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I have a girlfriend in Thailand and I'm in the USA.  My SMS have been going through fine and they must be going through quickly as I have been getting her responses quickly.


Anyone know if you buy an online number if you can receive SMS that are sent to that number?  I assume you can but I can't find anything confirming this.

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I have the same problem, my friend in ukarine can not receive SMS from me, the Danish telephone numbering no problem, what's wrong, have tried everything ?????
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I have the same problem sending sms to thailand.

I have updated the software and that's when the problems started. n):

Skype wants me to check the number, but nothing is wrong. Same number

as when i could send sms.

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I can not get thru on the phone to a Thailand number, and maybe the SMS is not being seen either. Last video I got was 11 March 12 @17:00 That worked well. Since then I can not get any connection, phone or video. I keep getting a network error message on the phone and no video shows at all
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I have made the same experience form Germany to Thailand and it is not only Thailand, it's also Lao. The problem coming up after the last upgrade.
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Has any one had this problem and is it still happening. I have sent 3 SMS messages daily now all of a sudden it is not being delivered. They can rec from Google, yahoo and my cell but not from skype. Do they want me to subscribe to get a support person. I am a account but I am not subscribing. Also androids for skype I can type the message but there is no way to send the message.

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Yes i to send SMS to Thailand and not getting there but charged and say it is delivered . Which can cause some problems for me with the other party. I think I need to stop using this SMS of Skype . Big problem. How do you talk to the people at Skype ?????

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