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SMS not arriving


Same problem for me too.  Only started happening in the last 3 weeks.


Why have we heard nothing from Skype?





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1. I have credit, today I sent twice to my friend. but he didn't get them, I just waste my credit!! 

2. I pay monthly world free call, I still have 5 days credit left, but I pay for another month, it didn't follow the deadline!!!! just start over it!!!!

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I have same problems. But good to know that more people are having this issue so I can stop wasting money for skype.
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Same thing here, it goes on and on and on...

someone from Skype listening or reading?


sms charged to my credit, not arriving,

until 3 weeks ago everything OK, not anymore


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I have managed to send sms to a friend in UK so far, but now he doesn't get them! And I waste my money, so reading your messages now I know that there's nothing to do! I can't send sms anymore!

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This seems to be an on-going problem that Microsoft is not interested in addressing. It will probably end in a class action for fraud. Taking money without supplying service.
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I didn't know tthere was a difference in the regular Skype and the sms crap, but I don't want to lose my Skype account, but I DO want to lose the SMS operator stuff.I got charged $4.53 over and now it says I am not able to contact my fiancee I just ask you to please let me have the ability to text and talk via free Skype.

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I'm fed up with sending at least one sms to my elderly mother in UK and finding that it has NOT been delivered..yet I am charged for it!!! 

Has anyone got any advice how I can (1) get the sms through or (2) suggest a way in which Skype can give me my money back!!!?


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