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SMS messages not being delivered

Casual Adventurer

I am pretty sure the problem lies with Skype's interface with certain cellphone networks because:

- I have had the same problem from multiple locations using different DSL connections

- If I send a number of messages in the same session some are delivered some are not. It appears to depend on the network my correspondent is subscribed to. In my case Vodafone UK and Vodafone Ghana will not accept messages sent by Skype SMS service

- Immediately the Skype service does not deliver I use my own cellphone, albeit at a higher cost - one of the reasons I use Skype - and the message is always delivered immediately

Novel Adventurer

I have just discovered SMS's were not being received in Thailand. It has caused real stress. Skype must resolve and are liable as we STILL are being charged for the service

Casual Adventurer

I have found the same problem, but in calling Russia from the Netherlands.  Up to last week I was able to send text message, and did so on a regular basis.  I learnt on Friday night that the messages sent during the week have not arrived, and there was no information given to me on the Skype page.

I have found that messages get from my mobile to the Russian number fine.  This will have to act as my solution.  However, this is not satisfactory, since I am unable to enter Russian directly onto my mobile.  I have a Russian keyboard on my computer, and so could happily write SMS messages in Russian.

I am very disturbed that there seem a lot of messages reporting this as an issue.  I am concerned that there is no solution suggested.  This is not mentionned in the help pages.  Is this the type of support and help we are to look forward to now that Skype has tucked itself up in bed with Microsoft.  Oh dear...

Novel Adventurer

I feel a class action lawsuit involving stress and charges for services not rendered might be useful

Casual Adventurer

I am not sure litigation would work.  I suspect that all the complainants live in scattered places around the world.  Anyway, how much is SMS used in the US?  When I lived in the States in 1999 SMS was very rare, and not used very much.  I lived in CA, and worked in Silicon Valley.

I have just texted my son in the UK fine. 

It is my texts to Russia that are not getting through.  I also notice that I cannot set up a Skype phone number in Russia.  So Russia is not high on the Skype/Microsoft agenda.  But what if the Russian system is blocking SMS messages via Skype. 

I used to use direct calling to my contact's mobile.  I was horrified to learn that she was also being charged to receive mobile calls - and the charges were substantial.  I do not know if that is because I was using Skype, or if that is general for incoming mobile calls to Russia.

I am surprised to see that this forum is apparently not supervised or moderated.  It is of great concern to me that there does not seem to be any message from the developers regarding the problems.  I hope to see some improvement soon.


Casual Adventurer

Skype Communications Sarl issues invoices for its services to European customers from its office in Luxembourg. I have written to the EU organisation in Luxembourg City -  European Consumer Centre GIE - whose remit includes assisting consumers with regard to procuring goods on a cross-border basis.


I have pointed out the large number of complaints going back over at least 2-3 years which the company has failed to address. I have asked GIE to contact Skype and request them to deal with the problem

Novel Tourist

I have recently set up the skype software on my PC, tested the SMS and have been totally disappointed with the service. None of the messages were delivered to 2 independent mobile numbers and I have been charged almost one Euro for no result. Thank you for the experience Skype!  

Casual Tourist

Same issue as everybody else here, I am based in England trying to send SMS to france (with my phone number as ID) I get charged and SMS do not get delivered.

It looks like this issue has been going on for a while now with no feedback or no explanation from support.

Do you know if there is a real way to contact the Skype support (this Support Network is just a blog) or the support is just to communicate with other frustrated Skype customers...


Can anybody recommend a serious provider just to send SMS (with phone number as an ID) to other phones (mainly from France to England) at a reasonable rate (3 is charging me 3 times what skype is charging, but it works)?  

Casual Adventurer

I have discovered that it is not just Skype SMS messages that are not being delivered - NL to RU.My phone provided (KPN) over here charges, and claims SMS messages are delivered, but, I find later tjat tje SMS was not delivered.  It strikes me that SMS messages are not treated seriously, and are not a good means of communication. 

Novel Adventurer

This is unacceptable for skype users being unable to send SMS while the charges is deducting.

I wish Microsoft leave things Alone.