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SMS Pending Problem.

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I'm sending sms messages from Skype on Android, the messages are remaining in a pending mode and they did not arrive to the recipients. I sent sms via my mobile provider to the same recipient and it arrived immediately with no problem. PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS ISSUE!!!

Thanks in advance,


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Well, I ma having the same problem sending messages from my Mac: they are just "pending". But thanks ot your i'm going to try sending from my phone app.:happy:

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I am having problems with my ipad3 wifi+3g with sms, showing sent, cost deducted from skype credit, then next day a message from skype with failed delivery.  Checked with recipients and they confirm no delivery.  Numbers checked, as previously sms but from a macbook or imac.  Have deleted app, then reloaded. Unusual thing is, if I sms my phone, it goes through??? Really need help with this, I need it to be reliable from my ipad. Thanks in advance with any assistance.

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Add me to the list of people annoyed that the iPad Skype app seems to hold SMS messages in "Pending" status indefinitely. Please. Someone from Skype, respond with a solution. As said earlier, I rearly need this functionality if I am to use Skype internationally. And I really need to.

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And so it goes on. Skype   - please take notice of these complaints as they are in breach of your agreement for our money. By now you guys should understand that ignoring these little drips becomes a flood  - if not a class. I have been having this problem for a while and complained a few times. 

Give it an incident  or issue number and let us know what is going on.

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I have given up for the moment, found a free SMS app which has no prepaid credit and has worked reliably so far.
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I'm having problem with open my camera n send message
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Microsoft paid $8,500,000,000.00 for Skype.


Now they are about to monumentally ruin the brand.

They have allready made ugly with the app and user interface.

Now the technical problems go unsolved.

Not being able to rely on Skype to send a simple SMS due to whatever reason is just not good enough. 


Please let us know what you are doing about this issue?

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Please see-

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Hello, could you please share with us, what free sms app you found? I'm tired of seeing undelevered/failed messages!
Thanks, in advance!
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