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SMS Not Working

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Thanks AssidPhreak.
It's really worked. I removed Block Content Downloads from my T-Mobile account. And it's work right away. Now i can recieved Skype SMS, and got Caller ID done with no problem. Thanks again!
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The strangest thing, and frustrating, about this problem is that I didn't have this problem before 2013. In fact it maybe only be since March 2013. The old Skype worked fine for SMS. Now the best answer from Skype appears to be that you'll be credited if it doesn't go through. That is not a solution, that is a dilution.

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This is not correct, my sms are sent and shows delivered, but nothing on the other end.  Money gets deducted but no refunds!!

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I have the same problem, working off a MacBookPro. SMS says sent and delivered, no message on the other side. Money deducted - not refunded. SMS to telecom new zealand mobiles and Telcom - south africa - same problem-I think the issue is with Skype!
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SMS to mobiles in NZ are not being delivered for me also.  Never had a problem previously,

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Hey thanks for setting me up...cheers

I have the same probeme since July. Then since the new Skype version it crshes many time unexpected. Its annoying. I never had this bevore.


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  Thnx for the  share infomation ...good,,,,

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It does appear skype is having serious issues with its international SMS system. I was charged for a msg that was never delivered, in fact it shows "failed" on my phone. I just tried sending another msg to Spain but it shows "Failed" again. After reading most msgs here, it's clear to me that Skype is aware of the issue by now considering the numnber of complains - so my question is what in the world the company is doing to address this annoying issue? And by the way I'd greatly appreciate a refund for not delivered service!

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Messages delivered but not received. 

I have received messages on my phone from Skype for over a year. Since my friend and I upgraded to Windows 8 (still both running skype for desktop version 6) it has occasionally glitzed. But the last couple of days I haven't received any. I can see them when I log onto skype but none are coming through on my phone. My friend is in Australia sending them to me overseas. Nothing else have changed, no skype upgrades, no change of phone network or anything else.  The messages show as delivered.

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