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SMS Messages not being delivered

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its also the problem i have tried everything! when i select the mobile number from my contacts it put my country code in front of that mobile number. i have also removed my country code and write the number in proper manner but it still give me error with invalid number! but when i use laptop everything is fine and perfect!
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That also doesn't make sense because up until recently my sms were sending just fine to the exact same number. The format hasn't suddenly changed.

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SMS Messages not being delivered. How do i fix this ??
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Same, SMS text messaging is not working.  What's going on?

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My SMS messages are also not getting through from the UK to Thailand even though they say they have been delivered.  A lousy service. The frustrating part is NOT knowing whether they have been delivered or not.  

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I have issues sames as everyone else I gave up trying to get response from Skype I use free sms service I have sent over 60 text free and as far as I know 100 % reliability
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NO this isn't the problem. I am in NZ and trying to send an sms to a mobile in the US. I have no + or 1 in the number I entered but Skype adds them (enter 513... Skypelists as +1513).. Getting realy tired of lousy support
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ME too!! USA to India!  I did google and read some network/government junk there?! Not sure if that is why?  Cant BBM. email, even a phone call..  very frustrated

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