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SMS Messages not being delivered

Casual Tourist

For the past 4 days now my SMS messages will not deliver. They say sent, but will not deliver, The person that is suppose to get them says they are not being recieved either so what are we supposed to do? Please attend to this immediately or at least tell us what to do. Thanks so much  [edited for privacy]  would appreciate response to this e mail address.  thanks again  

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Novel Adventurer

I still have the same problem. I tested with two different numbers and first number works right away but other not at all. Can be related to operators (both numbers are in Finland). Or something else...

Novel Tourist
Hi i have also a problem with sms message i sent with my skype from Belgium to Saudi Arabia. The messages i send are not delivered but i have to pay for them
Casual Tourist

I also have this problem. I text to a French number but if she replies then I do not get the reply even though I have call forwarding. I do not get the reply in either Skype nor on my iphone.

Novel Adventurer

Since upgrade, no SMS!!  I have been using Skype for SMS and paying since they have added this feature.  Don't make me search for another product because I may not come back!! Fix it Microsoft!!!!

Casual Tourist

I have the same problem sending messages to an Aussie number, It started when I upgraded Skype last week, since that day my credit is running out but my txts are not coming anywhere. Please fix the problem and give my money back soon!!!

Routine Adventurer

The solution is to just write the telephone number in the right format.

Since i also had this problem just recently, i know that this is the problem.


For example: In Sweden the number is +46 0xx xxxxxxx


Just leave the first 0 out in the number and it shall work. 


The problem when the SMS is not delivered, is that Skype can´t recognize the format. 


Change this and it shall work!

Novel Adventurer

Good try blogtweeter1 but that is not the case at least for me and it seems that my version of skype will automaticly remove that zero if I try to put it to number, so it is not even possible to use correct one (and it is still possible to call to same number and it works).

Novel Tourist

Same problem here,it say the SMS sent,but for the last 50 min.  it's not been delivered yet.I have to mention the money went out from my account for it.I logged out and back in,changed status in hope will get it done somehow,but still nothing.

         Why do we have to pay for a service that doesn't work? It's  supposed to be fast and reliable(none of the abobe).My message is kinda too late now,and I doubt that I'll get my money back.

And yes..I did put the right number and the country code and so on,it's not the first time I use Skype for this.

Shame !

Novel Adventurer

After trying every day for about one week, it finaly works... and yes the same number. During this time I didn't lost money, it was always returned after 24h to my credits. I'm not happy about this, because I can't trust the service, but at least now it works for me. I did not make any updates or so. Maybe I have tomorrow again a different kind of story...

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