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SMS Issue

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Hi There,


I hope you can help me.


As the message subject title above suggests, I have issues for SMS with Skype.


I have a workaround situation at the moment with my mobile phone carrier, and my account is in dispute as I have experienced high incorrect international charges.


So, I decided to use Skype to send my messages to my fiance.


It had been working fine for the first 2-3 days when I started using it from Oct 6.


Then Saturday 2 days ago it failed to deliver the SMS's, I had sent from my iPhone for Skype, to my partner the status ON MY COMPUTER showed 'sent' but there had not yet been delvierd and the right hadn wheel icon was just continously circling in a clockwise motion.


Last night I was out and sent a sms via skype message to my fiance using iPhone for Skype.


It appeared it had been sent.


However, when I returned home to my computer the message did not appear, it only showed my last message sent in the early hours of Sunday to my lady.


It is critical I can send text messages as this is the primary way we communicate as I am in the UK and my fiance is in Russia!


Please help in this temporary time horizon until I can get back to my reliable mobile phone and it actually sending my texts.


The text I sent yesterday evening my lady did not receive and now this may have caused us problems!


Please help.


Thank you!









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YOU SENT ONLY 1 SMS AND CHARGED FOR 2 and because of the delay in adding the id caller I then canceled it please cancel I no longer require it and refund the money because the  id caller code you sent said it was an error

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why is i had 7-65 on sms left and i took a subscription and it cancelled my sms i added 2.45 on subsription on call i can't make because pc internet to slow and i can't get my money back  or find to contact custmer services


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I am unable to send SMS messages they appear sent, then a day or so later say that they failed

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I am also not able to send SMS... I have tried both suggestions in this thread and neither has worked for me.  Any other ideas out there?? Help!

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I am unable to send SMS message to another Skype user that is online. When I send the message, there is a grey sending circle that never goes away. The other user says he's not receiving the message. This has been going on for a week. What can be done?

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I would say, your issue is not with skype it is with the provider in your country. I imagine if you start sounding off your locations you'll find your in the same country.


You will have to contact support, and skypes service provider. I'm sure skype is very sorry for your inconvinience

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Hi, I am in the US. I tried sending an SMS to myself and it was delivered fine. I am trying to send an SMS to a cellphone in Peru... any ideas? The receiver claims he is able to get other messages from people using Skype in Paraguay, so not sure why my Skype in US is unable to send him SMS messages? Any ideas? I haven't tried sending them to other friends overseas but may try to see if it is a problem with Peru specifically or sending anything abroad. Sorry but what do you mean by my provider? I am using SMS from my computer, as I have an Android phone and I don't believe I can send SMS using Skype mobile from my phone. Thanks in advance for any more info you have.
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I have experienced a similar issue try turning it on and off again and doing it again, if the trouble persists you want to pm me and I'll do what I can to help you

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