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Novel Tourist

My soul reason for making a skype account was to send txs and run my business .

It has proven a complete waste of time and money . I have 2 skype accounts for 2 different businesses . I have credit on both and I cant send TXs and cant get my money back . Where is skype help when we need it . I am considering closing both accounts . But It will mean losing the credit I put on the accounts and having to find another company I can send txs with. NOT HAPPY SKYPE

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Novel Tourist



Did you ever get this sorted?  I've just done the same thing and can't seem to send any SMS.

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The new skype, under microsoft's stewardship, is an absolute disaster, faulty redesign of something that was working just fine. SMS doesnt work, it is not possible to delete contacts, information about cost call is absent during making a phone call, the editing of contacts is horrendously unfriendly. 


In short, I am looking for alternatives, I am sick and tired of this new skype, it reflects a very bad attitude from the new owner. Please send suggestions of alternatives to skype. 



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Novel Adventurer

I´ve had this problem for ages, i send a lot of messages which never arrived, but i still payeed for it, and there is no reply to any email !!! **bleep** company

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Maybe we can all gather and start a class action suit. I have had sms's not send before now and then, but not as consistent as these few weeks. Its like.. 10 sms's out.. 10 sms not recieved and deducted for it.

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I bought credit and cant send SMS.  Calls are not as cheap as you are led to believe.  There is no way to obtain help and I doubt very much any way to get my money back.  I will not be advising friends nor work colleagues to open an account nor subscribe.   What a pity we were really keen to start using skype more.....DONT DO IT!!

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