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Removing a user name from the Skype login screen on a Samsung Smart TV

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Hi, I want to remove a username from the skype login screen on a Samsung Smart TV, but haven't found any way of doing it.  I managed to remove a username on a laptop PC by looking up the Skype help but that method doesn't seem to work on the Smart TV - anyone got any suggestions? Thanks

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There is a way of doing this, but it involves resetting ALL of the smarthub back it's default state - which would mean that you would have re-install any other apps that you have downloaded. 


To do this, go to the SMART HUB menu and press the TOOLS button on the remote. WHen the menu appears, select the SETTINGS option and then RESET. You'll need to enter your PIN (if set) before you can reset the SMART HUB back to its factory default state. When it's completed, Smart Hub will update itself next time you go back to it, and you'll notice that all of the Skype Names are now removed from the sign in screen. 


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Thanks for the reply and advice.  If it were my TV I would reset the Smarthub as instructed, but I'm house sitting for a freind and the TV has lots of external equipment and apps set up on it so I think it will have to wait until my friend returns if there is no easy way sorting it out.  Even worse is that Skype didn't even work properly through the TV when I tried it and had to give up and go back to the laptop!




I'm sorry to hear it wasn't working properly, and would be very interested to hear what problems you had if you could describe them. 


Regarding your sign in, your friend won't be able to sign in using your name, as they will still need your password. 


In future versions of Skype on TV we are introducing a feature option to remove usernames from the sign in screen.





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I couldn't make any telephone voice calls (using pre paid credit) as the call button was greyed out on all my contacts, and also when I did video calls, although I could see the other person, we couldn't hear each other, and they couldn't see me as my camera didn't come on.  Thanks 

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It sounds like the camera wasn't working properly.
Which camera were you using?

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Hi - its a logitech webcam fixed onto the top of the TV, but I think I'll leave it alone as there are so many things plugged into the tv/smart hub I don't won't to tempt fate and mess up any connections seeing as it isn't my own tv!

Former Staff

Skype on your TV isn’t compatible with regular computer webcams, so you need to use a special TV camera. These are specifically designed with microphones that can pick up sound from further away, allowing you to enjoy Skype calls from the comfort of your couch, as well as providing great quality video that’s been optimized for use with your TV.

The Samsung TV Cam can be found here:

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