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Reactivate Number > "Oops! The server doesn’t seem to be responding.

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OK - so this is ridiculous.


I have a Skype Manager and I have a Skype Connect profile and i have a SIP Profile with 3 Skype numbers assigned for Incoming calls.


All of a sudden 2 of my Skype numbers expired - this happened 3 days ago.  I still do not know why they expired because my account payment is set to auto-recharge and I received no email notification to tell me so.  But anyway – this is not the issue.


I am now trying to reactivate them using the 'Reactivate number' button but whenever I try to do it an error is always returned by the web browser - the error returned is "Oops! The server doesn’t seem to be responding. Check your internet connection and try again."


Due to this i am not managing to reactivate my numbers.  This is a problem because these numbers are used in my business and they are used for sales requests so I am losing sales.


I already had 3 chat requests but still no help.  I cleared the browser cache, i tried using a different web browser and i also tried from a different machine and also a different internet connection but I still did not manage to reactivate the numbers and keeps failing with the same error explained above. I am using the latest version of Skype –  I am using Windows 8.  The internet is fine and working.  I have 108 euros credit in my account so should be more than enough if it’s a payment issue.


It's already a week and all i hear is that you're working hard - and then you stay asking me again what the problem is from scratch.  And I keep sending screenshots for nothing.


Can anyone please help me in this as this is a critical issue for me?


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