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RFE/Feature Request: Outlook Calendar Integration

Novel Tourist



I'd like to suggest/request a small feature in the Windows Desktop Skype client: integration with Outlook's calendar.


Specifically, I'd like Skype to automatically change my status to "do not disturb" during periods when my Outlook calendar status is "busy", and to "away" when the clendar status is "out of office". I'm thinking of something similar to how Lync automatically changes your status.


This would be valuable as presently if you forget to change your Skype status before a meeting, people will still try to call and message you during the meeting.




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Novel Adventurer

I want this too!

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Novel Adventurer

I would like this feature too. I would like the Outlook Calendar integration with Skype as exists today with Lync for business users.  

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Exactly what we need here at our company. Any updates on the potential of this feature?




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May I ask for this feature as well?

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Me too! Could I also have this feature pleaser?
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Me Too.  This would be a very usuall feature

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I'd like this to have. I used work in a compay that used WebEx chat and it did this. I really miss it!!

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