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Problem Connecting to SKYPE on Panasonic VT50 TV

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Hi All


Yesterday I bought a Panasonic camera (Latest) and installed it on a brand new VT range Plasma TV. THis TV has great internet connectivity (wired) and everything on it works exceptionally well including the internet but not Skype


I set up Skype and made and received a couple of calls which all worked for the first 20 minutes or so. After that I cannot connect.


Since yesterday I have been unable to connect to SKYPE at all and all I get is the following error message


Sorry we cant sign you into Skype at the moment due to a temporary problem. Please try again in a few minutes


The first time I got this error I tried again and it connected and worked.


However now I only ever get this error message and this few minutes has now lasted for 16+ hours and I have made 50+ attempts to connect.


Another probem I have noticed is that despite the remember password option being checked I have to repeatedly keep entering the password


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated or is this something I have to expect - namely that SKYPE on a TV is not really a viable option?

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PS I am based in UK and the TV and Camera Models are:


Panasonic Viera TX-P50VT50B
Plasma HD 1080p 3D Smart TV, 50”


Panasonic TY-CC20W Skype Camera

Whilst I have a broadband connection with a Cisco Linksys router wired directly to the TV



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Does anyone have a telephone number for SKYPE supportor an email adddress for them?


It just seems surprising that nobody has responded to my problem so I would like to contact SKYPE directly unless that is a waste of time as I find mos tcompanies dont really care about their customers in the same way Panasonic say dont call us about this but call Skype :-(

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I also have a new VT50 and just today received the latest camera for 2012 models.  I get the same message upon every login attempt.

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Since late yesterday mine has started to work again and I have experienced no problems at all


I am now of the belief that this wa a SKYPE issue which they have hopefully now resolved and isnt going to be a recurring issue.


Having said all that it is disappointing that SKYPE like so many other companies are just so scummy about supporting people who have prolems with using their services and the lack of response here by anyone official has made me shut down my subscription account so I will no longer use SKYPE for telephone calls to landlines during my extensive overseas travelling. Couldnt they post an update somewhere giving a clearer picture of what is going on?


In fact I am going to be using rival products like Viber and Facetime and MSN from now on as they have annoyed me with their apathy towards someone like myself who was probably one of their commercially most lucrative customers.


Hope your SKYPE is working well for you too today but to be honest having it on a TV isnt that big a deal anyway.

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Former Staff

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please see this post:


We've recently become aware of this issue and are working hard on fixing it.


Please note that this is a user to user support forum. Skype staff do look in here but cannot/do not read every post.


See for information on how to contact Skype customer support.





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Hello Hdemet,


I am glad to know that yours is now working.  Thank you for updating the thread!


I just attempted my login again and unfortunately I still get the "temporary problem" message.  Resetting the TV doesn't yield anything better so surely it is a service issue.


We bought the camera so that my son can have a nice user experience while chatting with grandparents.  I am hopeful that Skype will resolve it soon.


Thanks again,


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Looks like I spoke too soon and cant get on again and that this is going to be a repeating problem.


SKYPE on TV's seems to me to be a complete Joke (or at eatst ont he Panasonic) and would love to hear from an official SKYPE source exactly when they expect to solve this problem that is at their end.


An explanation of what the problem actually is would also be appreciated but I will not hold my breath and cant seem to get hold of them directly.


All I can suggest is to keep trying repeatedly so that if and when you manage to log in once and receive and make a succesful call you at least know you have set it up right.


Sorry I cant be of any real practical help as obviously this is in SKYPE's hands and out of us mere mortals hands

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Casual Adventurer

I have been to that link previously as it was supplied by Simon W however I am not sure that this is the same problem


The link quotes an erro that states


 "Failed to synchronize with CBL".


This is NOT hte same thing


My problem states:


"Sorry we cant sign you into Skype at the moment due to a temporary problem. Please try again in a few minutes"


My best guess and which could be completely off base is that there is something wrong with the SKYPE software on these models of TV (I have the latest versions) or that it could be an overloaded by too many users type issue.


My particular preference would be for the latter and something to do with overloaded by users becasue it seems to work more frequently in the mornings and when I get the error I get it on both TV's at the same time (I have a second Panasonic TV in another room) and with each and every user profile used.


Whatever it is it seems reasonable to assume from the wording of the error and personal experience that this is a problem at SKYPE's end which they have yet to sort out.


How long they have been aware of this I havent a clue but theyobviously havent sorted it out yet and it will be interesting to see how long this problem continues and whether anyone in an official capacity would care to comment on whether these two errors are one and the same or different.


No such problems are encountered via computer use of SKYPE when the TV versions do not work so it is definitely a TV specific problem

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