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Printable Invoices

Novel Adventurer

Can someone please advise how i can find a printable invoice for each transaction.  I can see my Purchase History in Skype Manager but cannot find a 'Printable Invoice' link to download/print my invoices for our accounts department.




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Novel Tourist

I have the same question/problem.

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Dear Readers,


Copied and pasted from this FAQ article:


*Downloadable invoices are temporarily available only in the United States and Switzerland.


A discussion related to downloading printable invoice can be found here:




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Novel Adventurer

No i did not receive a satisfactory answer to my question, i am still waiting to find out how i can get hold of a copy of a legally required invoice for payments i have made to you.  Surely a company of your size should not have difficulty providing this.  At the very least you can email me a copy of my previous 5 invoices, i can live without needing to download them myself for the time being.


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Novel Tourist

yes i would also lioke to know how to do this - dowmload an invoice - the button seems have gone and disappeared ...

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Casual Tourist

Really???  I can't print my invoices???  




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Experienced Adventurer

as far as i know, the feature is inactive for the moment except for us and luxemburg


pls reffer urself to the skype support-team, as they mimght help u

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Casual Adventurer

How long is temporary? It is July and I am still unable to download any form of invoice.

I have even subscribed to manager but cannot see any documents at all there.

I have had a Skype number for business for many years now so need copies of invoices for Customs and Revenue.

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I too have the same request. Still no solution from Skype?

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Casual Tourist

Here's the undocumented way to get a PDF invoice.


Use this URL:<SkypeName>/payment/orders/<OrderNumber>/invoice?regenerate=true


but of course you have to replace as appropriately in the URL,  Example: Your Skype Name is "DonaldDuck" and the order number for which you want an invoice is 1234. Then the URL would be:


You'll have to be logged into your Skype account in your browser first. Then simply open a new tab in your browser and input the above URL.


The PDF invoice you'll get is very basic indeed. For example it doesn't state the period. But as far as an invoice goes I believe it will be accepted by most tax authorities.



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