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Port my long time landline number to Skype?

Novel Tourist

can i transport my long time land line phone number to be my skype phone number?

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No, unfortunately that isn't possible.


There are two options available that might be interest to you.


1. You can configure your Skype account so that when you call  from Skype to somebody on a normal landline or mobile phone, your mobile phone number will appear to them on their display. To do this, go to your account at, select CALL PHONES and then select the Set up a caller identification to display your number on phones you call from Skype.


2. Skype also offers a service called 'online number'. This gives you a normal landline number which you can give to your friends to call you on. When your friends call this number, and you are on Skype, your Skype will ring and you will be able to have a voice call with them. This is ideal if you have friends who don't have Skype who you want to call you.

Novel Tourist

Yes, and no.


If you have a spare cell phone and a mobile plan, then add a line (no contract) using that spare. This will typically cost $20 to $40 between activation and the first month of add-a-line service. Again DO NOT let them sell you a phone, that will lock you into a contract. Instead, let them sell you a SIM card.


Once your line is with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or your carrier of choice you can easily port the number to Skype.


You can shave a few dollars by porting the number to a pre-paid phone ($15 for the handset, $10 for the minutes) but it can be more work to get the number ported. The reason for this is that in the interim, you no longer own that number - the carrier does. You'll win eventually, but the stress isn't worth a $15 savings.


Hi, ianarmstrong, and welcome to the Community,


Re: " can easily port the number to Skype."


Me we clarify a few points?

"Port" would be to transfer the number or service to another carrier.  Skype does not support inbound number portability, meaning we cannot bring a land line or mobile number into Skype to use as a Skype Number.


Skype does, however, support outbound number portability, meaning if the carrier to which one would like to take their Skype Number will process the transaction, then the number can be taken to another carrier.


Perhaps what you refer to is call forwarding?  Here is a link to the library of FAQ articles related to how Skype handles call forwarding:




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