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Phone bill - rates

Novel Adventurer

Hello Everybody!

I have a problem with my phone bill. I'm using the Skype to Go for making phone calls to my home from abroad, but my bill was really high and it confused me a lot! I checked my detailed bill and it said more when I made phone calls from my cell phone to the landline phone. I don't really understand why is that possible, because as I understood the system of Skype to Go, I just need to buy a subscription and then I can call the registered phone numbers until the credit is finished at the given price (for example the 400 min per month - 4,01 Euro). If somebody can explain what I did wrong it would be really pleasant.

Thank you for the help in advance.

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Honorary Adventurer

Hi, firstly it sounds as if you were roaming with your cell phone and probably paying a premium to use your phone in a foreign country.


To avoid those charges you would have needed to use a local SIM card and also change your virtual location setting in Skype to Go (assuming a number was available in that country) so that calls to your Skype to Go numbers would have been at a local rate, then change it back when you returned home.

Novel Tourist

I live in Norway and just started to use Skype to Go for phone calls to USA - advertised rate $0.023 per minute.  After a few calls I checked and found the average rate per call (actual time nearest second) $0.036 per min (56% higher than advertised rate); rounded up to nearest minute $0.041 per minute (78% higher than advertised rate) - a far cry from the advertised rate of $0+. 23 per minute.  I made the calls from my lap top only connected to a broadband.  Kindly clarify.  Regards, Kjerre

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