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Paypal request for payment re Online number - is this a phishing scam?

Casual Adventurer

I have received the following message from Paypal:


You sent a payment of 46.49 GBP to Skype ( 


Followed by a three month invoice, followed by:


Issues with this transaction? If you haven't authorized this charge, open a dispute at: and get a full refund.


My first thought was this was a phishing scam. So I went into this community and do not see others reporting the same. In registering with the community I opened my passwords file and find I have noted 'Online UK number xxxxxx' and now vaguely remember receiving notification of this some months ago; however I also recall thinking that I have not ordered that number so I guess it is free.


Is the Paypal cash payment notification kosher and can I press the opena dispute web-link safely?


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Routine Adventurer
Looks Legit. The link is https and it points to the proper Paypal site.


Let me know if you have any questions on Skype online numbers or just virtual phone numbers in general.

The FlyNumber Blog 

Casual Adventurer

Have now received another one:


You sent a payment of 39.00 GBP to Skype ( Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.


The invoice just says "3 months subscription"


Subscription for what? I have no clue.


Both e-mails note that "if you haven't authorised this charge, then open a dispute ....



Has to be a scam - I cannot believe that two large global corporations are conspiring to reverse the whole legal concepts of offer, acceptance and payment! I shall wait and see whether these charges hit my credit card and take it up with the credit card company if they do.

Novel Tourist

Just to let you know that i have just recieved this same email, has any one had the money taken from there account, if so can you let people know.

Casual Adventurer

Nothing taken from my Paypal account or linked credit card.


Since the second payment notification I got encouraged me to "see my Paypal account for further details" and there are no such further details I am now pretty sure this is just another phishing exercise. 

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