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Panasonic TV models compatible with Freetalk Conference HD camera

Casual Adventurer

Hi all,


Can someone provide me the list of Panasonic TV compatible models for Freetalk Conference HD camera? I am interested in TX-L*E30 (TV LED). Any experience with this particular model?




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Casual Tourist

I think Freetalk would probably work in any tv with an HDMI port.  I bought one.  We love it.

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Casual Adventurer

Hi all,


I have found by myself the answer to my 1st question. On the following web page:

you can find the compatibility information for each recent Panasonic TV model.

Just follow the following path: Compatibility -> USB Information of VIERA






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Casual Adventurer


Here I am again just to give you my personal feedback on the compatibility between the TALK-7181 web camera and the TX-L*E30E Panasonic LED TV.

Good news is: that they work fine together :happy:

Bad news is: you have to combine a lot of things before the two can work together


Here is the check list:

1) The firmware version of the web camera is the last one, i.e. 27.03, see the "Support" tab on the web page:

2) The firmware of the Panasonic TV is also the last one, see:

3) The Windoz Skype program (used on the other side of the Skype call) is again the last one (does it work on Mac or Linux?)
4) You have to configure the TV Skype application until you get the camera test screen under the following path: "Settings->Advanced->Device Configuration->Image", where you can set the image performances.


There is only one problem: the most interesting set-up screen under: "Settings->Advanced->Device Configuration->Camera" does not work !



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Novel Tourist

Quite correct.  The freetalk Conference camers DOES NOT WORK with Panasonic!  Audio is fine but no picture from my end.  Can see video from others but they can't see mine and I can't see mine!  Bummer as I have to crawl behind my setup and snake out the cable and drive 35 miles to take back a camera that stated on the box that it worked.

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