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Panasonic Blu Ray Player & Freetalk Conference webcam

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mattmascheri wrote:

Thank you so much panda317!!!!!!


Going to test this out right away.  Will post my results.



let me know...


fwiw, mine is now working. i bought a new freetalk camera from abt for $98 and applied the update. worked fine.

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Funny I got mine from ABT as well. It is working but the quality of the streaming video is not quite what I wanted to see. I have other 720 Skype cameras on the same network, and this one on the bdt-210 is by far the worst. I tried it over a wireless N network and now have it wired on a gigabit network on cat6 cables. Might have to try the vizio camera and run it direct from the TV Matt
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Yay! Thanks for the easy to follow instructions to updating the firmware on my Freetalk Conference webcam. Now I have the functioning video feature that I was missing before.
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Thanks a lot - worked fine with BDT32P 

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plz skype i wandto webcams 

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I just tried one given to me tonight, I connected it to internet and updated firmware. I can connect to and watch videos shared on my PC through Private Network, but if I try the skype or internet option on the remote or in the settings just told no internet access. I think it is easier to use the PC for Skype.

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