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Panasonic Blu Ray Player & Freetalk Conference webcam

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this fix for firmware update does not work!! despite repeating it twice and getting the complete message both times, the webcam still does not work on skype with bluray player. works on PC.

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Not sure it was the camera firmware update that did it but after updating and plugging it back into the DMP BDT210 I got a message to update the firmware on the BD to 1.80.


After the updated IT WORKS!!! finally .. so again not sure if it was the cam update, the BD update or both that made it happen.


Update 2/12:

I'm happy to say several days after the update and numerous skype video calls later the DMP BDT210 and Freetalk HD Cam are working as advertised. couldn't be happier with the setup.

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Thank you for your information. I have the Panasonic 210 blueray model.

In Canada the TY CC10 model is difficult to find. One place wanted 165-200

The firmware was updated last week to 1.8. On Panasonic site, it mentioned that firmware 1.7 from last november was correcting issues with skype. did you update the firmware?


Skype is selling a Talk 7182 now, may be it will work.

Logical only works with some Pansonic tv's only.


by the way does your blue ray have cinema now on it? Not in Canada yet.

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yes so I was forced to update to 1.7 in december when I first bought it. the freetalk 7182 didn't come till mid Jan and didn't work with the player at v1.7.


I upgraded to 1.8 last week and everything started working fine. Although I didn't mention that I updated the freetalk's firmware from the site mentioned in an earlier post. So I can't tell if it was the firmware on the cam or the bluray that did it.


good luck to ya

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I'm so frustrated!  I've been back and forth with ebuynow support and they just keep telling me to do everything that I've already tried (and exactly what others have been told).  I searched through this strand tonight and found the web address for the firmware update (why couldn't they send that to me?).  Now I'm trying to access it and the page appears to be invalid, though I can access an archived page.  If I could figure out how to send the whole kit and caboodle back I would, but how to even begin since I bought the Panasonic Blu-ray and Freetalk camera as a package off the Skype website?

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Hi razamoh3 and karlabradley,


The upgrade of the Panasonic Blu-ray 1.80 version and the FREETALK Conference HD camera 2703 are confirmed to be compatible with each other.  If you are still having an issue, contact and directly ask to have your query forwarded to the support manager to assist you.   Let them know that you have searched for help on this forum so that they can see the history of your posts which will allow them to better assist you. 


The products you purchased from them are under warranty, so if the issue is caused due to a defective product, they will send you a replacement.


Best regards,


eBuyNow Support Pro

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I contacted ebuynow and they sent me this:  IT WORKED!!!!


Step 1 Use a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC. Go into link: Step 2 Scroll down to about half the page and click on the tab “Downloads”. Step 3 Click on Update your firmware Step 4 Save the Binary File onto your desktop Step 5 Plug the Camera into the Windows PC’s using any available USB port Step 6 Click to open the Binary File you had saved A pop-up/ dialog box will open on your screen “Freetalk Conference Firmware Update” – ensure that your pop-up blocker is off Step 7 Click “Update Firmware” button (When the Firmware update is successful, the text “Reload Complete” will appear in the white box at the bottom of the dialog box. The firmware update process is now complete) Step 8 Unplug the camera from the Windows PC

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Hi,  it looks like the downloads section for the Panasonic tv camera on the support site is gone!


Please help!


Can you post the firmware somewhere so we can download it?


Thanks in advance.



Casual Adventurer

Casual Adventurer

Thank you so much panda317!!!!!!


Going to test this out right away.  Will post my results.



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