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Panasonic Blu Ray Player & Freetalk Conference webcam

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I purchased the Panasonic Blu Ray Player and Freetalk Conference webcam combo through the accessories link on the Skype website ($249). When I hooked up the system and tried to use the Skype feature only the audio would work (i.e. no video). I connected the webcam to my pc and confirmed that both the audio and video of the webcam was operational (using it with skype on my pc). I confirmed that I am using the most recent firmware on the Panasonic blu ray. Anyone else having this problem or know a solution?

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Same problem here. DVD player is updated to 1.7 firmware. Mic works on the cam just no video. I plugged the freetalk into my computer and mic and camera work fine. Let me know if you find a solution.

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I put a call into Panasonic's Tech Support and they were unable to figure out a solution so the case was escalated to their research team. They said that they would get back to me in two weeks....

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same problem here, I just bought a new 210 bluray and it doesnt work, spke to tech and they had no idea? Did the camera work fine before the firmware update for you?

I would like to know that I at least bought the correct stuff.


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The blu ray player automatically updated to the latest firmware before I could try the freetalk webcam. Panasonic tech support says that they do not provide support for the camera function, the freetalk manufacturer support has no solution to the problem and Skype support does not provide support for hardware issues and recommends contacting the manufacturer. Classic case of nobody knows whats wrong and nobody wants to take responsibility for the issue.

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I'm having the same problem, except it's telling me that it doesn't find a camera attached at all.  I've got a Panasonic Blu-Ray player connected to a Sony TV. 

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I am still working with the Freetalk tech support as the Panasonic support is very unhelpful and unwilling to actually do some research on this issue. The Freetalk tech support beleive that the issue is likely with the Firmware version 1.70 for the Blu Ray player. They have reached out to Panasonic and asked them to check into the Firmware to see if it is the problem so hopefully when one of their business partners asks them to do something they will actually do it.

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Bought two complete systems through SKYPE via Ebuy now and have exactly the same problem everyone else is having. This is a huge rip-off.

I am very disappointed that there is no customer support for a bundled product that is designed to advance the use of Skype in the average home. It makes all three providers look bad: Skype for marketing it, Panasonic and Freetalk for not delivering a product that works as advertised.


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Same problem for me and my new Blue-ray Panasonic player.  Clearly we have a software issue.  The camera really does give you a quality picture on a PC.  I would give it some time for this to be worked out.  In the mean time will be sending it back for credit.  Also, communicating with Freetalk "support" to find out why they sent me model 7181 when their spec sheet shows model 7182?  Maybe old stock?  See link below:

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Yes, I am having the exact same problem.  The Skype website specifically said that the Panasonic blu-ray player was compatible with the freetalk conference webcam.  I have audio, but no video.  I will return both tomorrow.  This is terrible.

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