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Hi, I would like to ask why I am not able to sign into skype on my TV, I have had no problems doing this and have used it dozens of times to speak to my son in australia, but for the last 6 weeks I have not been having trouble accessing skype. It will take me to login and ask for my password and as soon as I input my password and try to sign in the TV goes to a black screen, from which I cant do anything with other than to switch off from the wall and restart the tv. I have spoken to Toshiba and they've told me that this is a problem that a lot of people with smart tv's are having since microsoft took over skype apparently it's something to do with the skype's server not recognising the connection from smart tv's? Is this true and are skype going to do something about the problem, I have spent a lot of money buying this Tv and also a compatible webcam and I am very disappointed that I can no longer use them anymore.

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I am facing the same problems. Bought a Toshiba TV for my parents yesterday. 

Liked the idea to have them use skype, bought an additional camera but it only logged me in once, and then went black. Nothing after that.. Even reset the TV and tried again. Same problem. Screen goes black when selecting Skype and not response...  except a lot of frustation...


Not even sure if and how it would be possible to reinstall skype on the TV? 

Any advice??



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Hi, thanks for your msg, I am afraid I haven't got any answers for you other than the one given to me from Toshiba, that it is something to do with microsoft and something that they've done to their server which is not recognising transmissions from smart TV's. Apparently microsoft are supposed to be working to sort out the problem, but I wouldn't hold my breath, as with everything to do with microsoft it's probably going to cost us money. I will keep trying. If there is anybody else out there with the same problem,  get in touch with a solution?

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i am having the same problem aswell.i spent a lot of money to buy  a freetalk compatible camera and now i have no service at all.this feature shoulld be took away from smart tv othrewise it is an knows this problem why they are still put a fake service in smart tv in order to lie customers.the skype last just for 3 months and then it stopped.if this situation persist we will take an action aigainst microsoft and its skype services.

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we have the problem on our TV TOSHIBA 50L4333DG. We have bought the web camera freetalk and we used skype without any problems till lats month. Since last month we cannot login to skype anymore.
The TV is frozen when starts skype, it looks like that is trying to connect to skype.
What can be the solution? Upgrade skype on TV? How? I have checked the upgrades of TV software and the system didn't find any new firmware.
We need urgently skype on this TV.

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I've been in touch with Toshiba a number of times and basically they've told me that the problem is with skype and that they are working on a system that will allow Toshiba users to be able to connect to Skype, who have changed the way these smart TV's connect. Apparently Toshiba's engineers have written a programme and are now working on debugging this programme, how long this is going to take they can't tell me, so I am afraid that we have no other option but to wait for Toshiba to fix the problem with this new programme. Because according to them it's not their fault that skype have changed the connection and they only provide the App to connect us and if that is working it is not a fault with their product i.e. the TV. According to the guy I spoke to I shouldn't buy a TV for the Apps that come with it, but instead we should buy it for the quality of the TV!!!!!! I told him I would never ever buy another Toshiba product again.

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I have a Toshiba 32L6353 which had worked from April 2013 until I last used it for Skype in February 2014. However, it would appear that Toshiba have resorted to the blame game as they did with me last year when trying to establish if they could resolve certain apps that did not cleanly exit from the Toshiba Smart T.V. platform back to the T.V. transmission.


Toshiba allow various 3rd party developers to continually write and add their app services onto their smart T.V. platform, but claim via their technical support service, that they are not responsible for any malfunction of a 3rd party app because they do not provide the programming code to do this. However this is a legal contridiction when you consider that they are currently inviting these 3rd party services to use their own smart T.V. service, and as such, should maintain the operability and reliabilty of each 3rd party service that they jointly provide a service with.

It's a bit like saying I own a home and I rent it to various tenants but I will not be responsible for the maintainance of my property because I cannot take responsibility for whoever destroys it.


I am unsure as to when this latest app glitch has occured, but judging by earlier posts on this thread in May 2013, it would appear that this Skype failure had occured in April. Therefore we should consider writing an email to Toshiba at: collectively to voice our disapproval this month. If you would like to do this please emal me at [Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!] and once I have a list of you that have encountered this issue with Skype, I will send an email to Toshiba on behalf of all that have this problem and obtain a legal and technical response to try and resolve this problem before the end of this year.

Thank you

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At first it is the fault from Microsft, that they disconected the old way of connection to skype - they should keep it until they debug it with producers of TV.

Then the second fault is by the producers of TV, who do not react as they should. We spent a lot of money for SMART TV and also for extra cameras, but they are not able to fix the problems with new firmware. I will never buy anymore TOSHIBA TV. I wrote also few times to support of Toshiba, but no answer. I am disappointed. I hope, that they wake up ASAP and fix it!!!

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I've just read your txt, thank goodness there is somebody out there who is aware of the problem I have been experiencing withToshiba and Skype. I would definately like to be included on your list of complainants that you are compiling, please let me know if I have to do anything else to help get this matter resolved.

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anitab56 wrote:


I've just read your txt, thank goodness there is somebody out there who is aware of the problem I have been experiencing withToshiba and Skype. I would definately like to be included on your list of complainants that you are compiling, please let me know if I have to do anything else to help get this matter resolved.

Hi anitab56,


Unfortunately, LiamB who moderated my post on this thread has stated that my email address cannot be detailed within the my original post and I will accept his governance on that matter.

However, I have a fault reference number that I reopened via Toshiba's technicial support department 2 days ago, and I will duly list that for you and any other Skype members who wish to confirm a similar issue to that which you, me and others have detailed on this forum with the Skype app via Toshiba Cloud over the past 3.5 months to date. The Toshiba fault reference number is 72448169, and if you and any other Toshiba Cloud users could kindly state your skype username, I will endeavour to co-ordinate a further petition to Toshiba's technical support department to provide a response on what they are prepared to do as the main provider of their cloud service.


Thank you

Eric Osman

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