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Online number and call forwarding delay - NOT GOOD

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Unfortunately after endless research and numerous conversations with Skype support I've concluded that the call forwarding delay issue cannot be fixed, regardless of what advice you are given.

Neil, your suggestion is one amongst many which I've tried without success.

My advice to 2kids is either put up with the problem or search for a more reliable service, of which there are plenty. Sorry to be so blunt!
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Leaving the client signed in allows you to control the ring time before forwarding occurs, not how long it takes to complete a SkypeOut call, particularly to a mobile number



I have the same issue to resolve to make call forwarding feature is useful. In this call forwarding delay, Google Voice is shorter than Skype even though I do not know how to control this iat Google voice. Defaulted delay of Google Voice is much shorter than Skype. The issue is Call Forwarding is meaningful if the ringing delay should be not too long before caller hang up without waiting the receiver to pick up the phone.



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Not sure if you tried this to fix your call forwarding delay but there are more options in the desktop client than the web interface.


In the desktop client >> Options >> Calls >> Call Forwarding


Check box and insert forwarding number. Below is an entry for "Forward calls if I do not answer within __ seconds" The default value was set to 15. When I set this to zero I got 2 rings before my mobile went off.


I'm on the windows xp client.

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for the above to work, the Windows client must be ONLINE at the time of the call - otherwise the 15 second default is used

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I live in Malaysia and have a South African skype Number in Durban South Africa to enable my family to contact me.  They tell me that on their side the phone rings for ages (about 20 times) before I answer and sometimes it just disconnects without me answering.  On my side It only rings about twice and when I answer more often than not the call has disconnected.  I also have a Skype number in Australia and they tell me the same thing.  A VERY LONG DELAY before the call is forwarded (but they hear ringing and I do not answer) and hardly any ring tones on my phone in Malaysia.  Can anything be done......I am paying a lot of money for these two numbers and it is very annoying.  Is there anyone in Skype that we can contact?

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Just set up a UK number on Monday and was wondering why I was not getting any calls forwarded to my mobile.  No wonder!  Who would wait a whole ten seconds (more, if you count my time to pick up the call)?  No one.  I confirmed this lag by calling the number myself.  That's an unacceptably long delay for a business, I know it's a cheap service but still..


I'm a Mac user and could not find any settings to reduce this.  I suppose I could try logging in to Skype on my mobile, and turning off the call forwarding.  I will see how that goes first before getting a number elsewhere.

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Hi Directtele,

Since creating this thread I've changed service provider. Assuming that you're based in the uk I would recommend Soho 66. It's £2.99 per month plus 6p call forwarding charge and the service if faultless. My phone rings within three seconds.

As for the Skype call forwarding service, I cannot believe how useless skype is. It's one of the only paid services they offer and yet it's absolutely pointless. It doesn't even work half the time. I have three friends who've recently moved their small business number away from skype to Soho because of the poor service. Come on skype... Pull your fingers out.
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I wish I had found this thread before purchasing 3 months of Skype Number and forwarding... I have just discovered for myself that it's not possible to have CF < 15 seconds unless you have it running on a client at the time.


This is completely unacceptable, Skype! It must be fixed! It's clear that the setting for time is local to the application, NOT to your actual "account". This is a terrible implementation of an extremely important feature. It's the sole reason I bought the number in the first place - to use as an alternative to a BT Landline, so it could forward calls directly to my mobile.


Skype - get on to it, now please!

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Alex, thanks very much for letting me know about this. Soho 66 looks pretty good and reasonably priced - I am in Australia but it does say they can forward to overseas landline or mobile. They also have a virtual receptionist service which would be really useful given the time difference. Will give them a go, cheers!
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