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Online number all messed up with caller ID

Casual Adventurer

It used to be that when I called from my skype number that the caller ID would register as my online number. Recently that has changed. It comes up as one of many other random numbers from different states in the US, or even as a private number. Why the sudden change? How do I fix it so that my caller ID works? Was this change to not working a result of the recent buyout of skype? If this cannot be fixed there is no point in me having a skype number. Another question- is there an actual contact for skype support or do I have to hope someone from skype sees answers my question?



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Novel Tourist
I'm having the same issue too. Because many of my contacts don't answer unrecognized numbers, this issue has caused us not to be able to communicate effectively.
Novel Adventurer
I have an online number that when people try to call me, they get someone else and my voicemail no longer takes messages - the calls go to the guy. Did my online number get given to someone with a cell phone. CAN I CALL SOMEONE WHO CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO TO FIX IT?
Casual Adventurer

I have found where to change caller ID back to the online number. It is under Account-Call Phones-Display this number when I call phones... I have gone there and set it- multiple times. The settings stay with my online number for a short period of time (~2-3 days) and then go back to other peoples random numbers. Is there anyone from Skype who knows anything about this? Anyone from skype monitor their own forum? I see a lot of posts that generaly go unanswered by anyone from Skype. I do not like this lack of support.

Novel Tourist

This seems to be an ugly issue. One guy at:  who seems to think that rolling back to the or earlier versions stops the issue. There are links to some of the packages there as well, and even a guy freely distributing the older package via email to any who request it. Might want to check it out. That's my next step...

Casual Tourist

I also have been having the same problem. The area code is 661 or it comes up as restricted. Has anyone been able to resolve it? And I read somewhere that you could go back to an older version and it fixes itself. Does anyone have the link to an older version to download? 




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