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Online number Issue

Casual Tourist

I am paying for those services which are actually not working.......!!! Whats the use of it....


My friends cannot see my online number when i call them.... It displays as undisclosed number or anonymous call.....


Who will help in this regards....!!

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Novel Adventurer

I'm getting very annoyed with this as well. A lot of people aren't picking up when I call because it's unknown or some random number. Skype needs to address this, there is clearly something wrong.

Novel Tourist

my online number has been coming up as a different  number and area code or as "private number, anonymous , unknown " skype please fix this

Casual Adventurer

seems you are being ignored. Skype has very limited support imo which may help in keeping costs down. regardless you should make every effort to inform Skype of these issues.

don't forget if you're a UK user that your consumer rights should aid you in partial refunds if you are paying for a service you aren't receiving.

I'm pretty sure last time I read the TnC it didn't say "As a Skype user you accept that you will pay for an incomplete product."
Casual Adventurer
How do I set up caller identification using my Online Number?

To set up caller identification using your Online Number:

Sign in to your account.
In the Call phones tab, click Set up a caller identification.
If this link is not displayed, go to the caller identification settings page to ensure that the link is displayed.
Click select a pre-saved number.
From the drop-down list displayed, select the Online Number that you want to use as your caller identification.
Click Save Settings. Your caller identification is now set and ready to go.
Novel Adventurer
btw I tried to add Kudos but the display asked me to sign in to do it IN FRENCH and then returned back to English. I keep getting this sudden flash into French even though "Change language" under "Tools" is always set to "English" Need a software update!
Novel Adventurer

I have the same issue with it showing up as an unknown call and now it's not even allowing people to reach me when they call my number directly anymore. It says it's not a working number.

Casual Tourist

my caller ID too has been vanishing.  I saw that it was an acknowledged bug within android and promptly stopped using it on my droid handsets, yet it continues to vanish.  This is verry annoying

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