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Online Number not ringing (And not able to reset privacy settings)

Novel Adventurer

I got reports from several persons who called my online number that it is not ringing, it goes direct to Voice Mail, i checked the requirements to have it working, Have the latest version of Skype (DONE), Be online in the computer (DONE), and if still not ringing, reset the privacy settings, this is where i got stucked. In the support forum i found that the way to reset your privacy settings is to change the setting in TOOLS-->Privacy under "Allow calls to my skype number(s) from..." to "Phone numbers in my contact list only", wait 5 or more minutes, and then switch it back to "anyone". My problem is that no matter how many times I change it to Phone numbers in my contact list only", and no matter how long i wait, when i come back to TOOLS-->Privacy, it is always in "anyone" so i guess there is something wrong with that setup option. Anyone with the same issue and solution? please help ! I'm trying to run a business using this number but all my customers are going straight to the voice mail !

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Novel Adventurer

let me know if you find out anything new - this is also supposed to be my business number and it doesn't work - very frustrating experience.

good luck!

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