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Online Number isn't showing up on people's caller ID. Instead says "Unkown Number"

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This is just ridiculous in 2012, BT is a major uk phone provider and it is surely a standard feature that any network that provides a caller id service should transmit numbers to other providers that provide caller id. I call my mobile from Online number and the caller id appears but call a BT landline and it comes up "unavailable" I call a sipgate number and a vonage number and the caller id is transmitted fine, but it seems any BT number just doesn't show the number that is calling. This really does need to be fixed ASAP so that the Skype online number is transmitted to any telco/phone that is able to display incoming caller id's. Presenting "unavailable" is just not acceptable and stops people from answering if they can't see the proper number. It should only come up as unavailable/witheld/anonymous if the person calling out has opted to do this.

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I've been having to go into my account settings and reset my caller ID number.


There is NO REASON that their system should be losing my Caller ID settings.  This is BS.


Ever since MicroSlop bought them out, this crap started happening.

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Skype has caller ID settings?

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How do I set up caller identification using my Online Number?

To set up caller identification using your Online Number:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. In the Call phones tab, click Set up a caller identification.
    If this link is not displayed, go to the caller identification settings page to ensure that the link is displayed.
  3. Click select a pre-saved number.
  4. From the drop-down list displayed, select the Online Number that you want to use as your caller identification.
  5. Click Save Settings. Your caller identification is now set and ready to go.
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Novel Tourist

I have a similar problem.  My on line # does not show up on caller id.  Some random # with a wierd area code shows up, it's never the same.  How can I get my caller ID to properly work?  Thanks!

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I have tried setting up online number as CallerID. IN my experience, and by following the written instructions, Skype won't accept anything other than a mobile phone as CallerID.....located in Aust. Any suggestions?

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Exactly the same here, as tom tanner,on Moto Droid and Xoom.

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Thanks, I had the same problem. Got your instructions and now my skype number is showing on their caller I.D. Isabel
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Caller ID to BT landlines used to work, but I also noticed this problem a while ago. I don't know exactly when it started -- does anyone know?


Skype support suggested I need to contact BT:

Skype Customer Service wrote:

We have checked our resources further and if the only caller ID problem is calling (BT) landlines from Skype, we want to suggest to call the provider of the recipients of your calls first to inquire if they are supporting Skype caller ID. This issue has something to do with the carriers/providers and Skype has no control over this.

If they confirm that there shouldn't have any problems and was working before, you can contact us again so we can investigate further.

As others have said, I'm amazed that Skype don't know whether their caller ID is supported by BT, the largest landline priovider in the UK!


This really is a unacceptable situation. Given the number of junk calls people receive these days ("no, I do not have a problem with my Windows computer" <slams phone down>), I know a growing number of people that just won't answer "International" or "Unknown" calls, which means they won't answer my Skype Out calls.


I'm paying for a service from Skype and expect to receive at least the same quality of service I received when I first signed up some time ago (when caller ID to BT worked)!


Please can someone from Skype make an official comment on this issue and provide an indication of when it will be resolved! 

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