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Online Number From FlyNumber

Novel Adventurer


If I have an online number that i Purchase through Fly Number,Can i use it in Skype online Numbers instead of Skype online number service?Can i still receive services from you?


I have Virtual Number that convenient to Israel Number .. i want that any of my Friend/family will call to my Skype acount Use my Virtual Number.. 

How can i setup this (I have subscribed to Israel to 400 minutes per month)

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Routine Adventurer

Hi there


When anyone calls your Israeli FlyNumber it should ring to your Skype -no problem. You should have Skype forwarding and Skype voicemail off as this may interefere.


Skype should also be set to "Accept all calls" in the privacy settings. 


i noticed you tagged "ipad 3" Ive tried it on an iPad 2 and it works fine. Just makes sure the app is running, even if its just in the background.


One last thing, making outgoing calls is something different. You can call out with your Skype account like you noramlly would. 


Let me know if you have any questions on Skype online numbers or just virtual phone numbers in general.

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